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Thomas Hagey - The Very Best of Playboar - Special Edition

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The Very Best of Playboar - Special Edition by Thomas Hagey


With the most recent missteps by Hollywood film producer/mogul Harvey Swinestein and the Misogynistic antics of U.S. President Donald J. RUMP, Playboar is as relevent now as it ever has been. Chauvinism has not gone away, it has merely gone underground.

The Very Best Of Playboar is based on the million-selling parody of modern day men's magazines by Canadian author Thomas Hagey. It spoofs advertising, editorial and mirrors modern day marketing & human sexual behavior from the comfortable distance of swine. It's sort of like, Mad Magazine, or Saturday Night Live meets Animal Farm.

It is a witty combination of some of the elements of George Orwell's Animal Farm, as well as the hedonistic and often sexist mentality of the early years of men's entertainment publications.

It features a tasteful 7 page Littermate of the Year pictorial of Miss Taffy Lovely, along with ad spoofs for: Viagra, Calvin Swine cologne, Club Mud Resort & Spa, Mudweiser Beer etc...

It also includes sex advice columns for pigs, Etiquette suggestions for Boars, along with movie take-offs of films such as: Rooters of the Lost Ark, Jowls (JAWS) and Star Boars, and rock band features such as Pig Floyd and Lard Zeppelin.

It is based on the original Playboar Magazine - Entertainment for Pig Farmers, by Canadian author Thomas Hagey, which sold over 1 million copies worldwide.


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