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Two Local Safety-Minded Disability Law Firms Committed To Kids Bike Helmet Safety Program

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Helping To Keep Our Kids Safe One Helmet At A Time

Within the next hour, 6 Canadians will suffer a brain injury. It's that common. That's why the Brain injury Association Of Waterloo Wellington is on a mission to teach kids and families the importance of keeping your head and brain protected.

This past week  local members of the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) visited a local Public School where they donated  more than 40 bicycle helmets to grade two students with the assistance of the Brain Injury Association of Waterloo Wellington.

Rob Deutschmann and George Dietrich are two Waterloo Region based  disability and personal injury law firms and members of the OTLA’s Bike Helmets on Kids campaign. This year, the entire campaign will help distribute an estimated 4,000 bicycle helmets to children in cities and regions across Ontario.

“We are pleased to be able to give back to the community in this way. Head injuries are a leading cause of injury and death for young people. A properly fitted bike helmet is key to helping to reduce the number and severity of head injuries for children” says Rob Deutschmann and George Dietrich, both personal injury lawyers, committed to helping those who have been injured.

Lidz On Kidz

A helmet protects best when it fits.If a helmet doesn't fit properly it isn't going to protect you the way it should. The local Lidz on Kidz safety educators and brain protector advocates played an important role by sitting the helmet recipients down for a 15 minute lesson on the vulnerability of our brains and the importance of wearing a helmet everytime we cycle. They also stressed the importance of parents and adults being good role models by also wearing a helmet each time they cycle with or without their children. Adults, need to show children that our brains need to be protected.

George Dietrich and Rob Deutschmann with Grade Two Helmet Recipient Abigail

The Silent Epidemic

Acquired brain injury has become recognized throughout the world as a problem of epidemic proportions and it has became known as the Silent Epidemic. 

Causes of Acquired Brain Injury


The true numbers are staggering ...

Traumatic Brain Injury occurs 500 out of 100,000 individuals yearly in Canada with 18,000 alone in Ontario and every day there are 35 persons admitted to hospital

* Over 5,000 children in Canada will be seriously injured

* Every year in Canada, over 11,000 people die as a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury

* Each year over 6,000 become permanently disabled after a traumatic brain injury

* Acquired brain injury is the leading cause of death and disability for Canadians under the age 35

* Within the next hour, 6 Canadians will suffer a brain injury

* An estimated 1.3 million Canadians are living with and an acquired brain injury

* Close to 500,000 people in Ontario are living with an acquired brain injury

* 1 in 10 people will know someone who will suffer a brain injury this year

* About 3,000 of these will be left with physical cognitive/and or behavioural consequences severe enough to prevent them from returning to pre-injury lifestyles

* 465 people suffer a brain injury daily in Canada, this amounts to one person injured every 3 minutes

* The highest incidence of traumatic brain injury are men aged 16-24, men experience brain injury twice as often than female

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