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Regional Police Launch #HIGHstakes Campaign - To Address Driving Impaired By Drug

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 #HIGHstakes Campaign to Educate People on the Dangers of Driving Impaired by Drug

Waterloo Region, Ontario – The Waterloo Regional Police Service is launching a cannabis awareness campaign to educate people on the dangers of driving while impaired by drug.

The campaign, entitled #HIGHstakes, sends a powerful message – the stakes are high if you decide to drive impaired.

“Cannabis is now legal, but driving impaired is not,” said Bryan Larkin, Chief of Police. “Impaired driving is the leading criminal cause of death and injury in Canada and we are committed to keeping our roads free from any type of impairment.”

The Waterloo Regional Police Service currently has 304 front-line officers trained in Standardized Field Sobriety Tests who are able to recognize impairment by alcohol and drug use. The Service also has 14 Drug Recognition Experts that are specifically trained in impaired by drug recognition. More trained officers are expected by the end of 2018. RIDE programs will also be ongoing throughout the Region as part of the Service’s commitment to road safety.

“Drugs can impair your ability to drive safely, slowing your reaction time and your ability to make decisions,” said Chief Larkin. “If you drive high, you’re not only risking your own life, but the lives of those you’re sharing the road with.”

The campaign features three animations, depicting people who are supposed to be at important events. However, because of their decision to drive impaired by drugs, they miss their events. The tag line, “Don’t Miss Out by Not Being There,” suggests that driving impaired is not worth missing out on the important things in your life, such as time with friends, dinner with your family or watching your child’s extra-curricular activities. The campaign will run over the next three days.

For more information on the legalization of cannabis, visit Link Below:

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