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Cambridge City Council Receives Highly Positive 2018 Annual Report

Cambridge City Council received the 2018 Annual Report

Three large projects - the Pedestrian Bridge, Fire Stations 6 and the restoration of the Old Post Office - were completed in 2018.  Each of these projects had been eagerly anticipated and have become important parts of the fabric of the community.

With the official launch of the Ambassador Team and other community outreach activities, the City was extremely focused on the well-being of our residents.

“2018 was a great year for Cambridge with the opening of the Old Post Office (Idea Exchange), the launch of the Ambassador Team, and many other exciting projects,” remarked Mayor Kathryn McGarry. “With 23 new businesses opening up in our core areas, and the Boxwood Business Campus generating $7.9 million for the city, we are going to keep building on these successes to create more economic opportunity while also continuing our focus on a safe, caring community.”

Last year, there was significant small business and start-up growth; as well as overall investment in Cambridge. Initiatives, such as the implementation of the CAMBRIDGE sign outside of City Hall, various public events, and the digital light show outside the Old Post Office, have all brought more people to the core areas.

As well, the City won numerous awards on a variety of initiatives in 2018 on innovative and creative projects, including the online film map; the clean-up app; trenchless technology; and heritage restoration projects.

The 2018 Annual Report links the accomplishments of the past year to the corporate business plan, which identified 41 strategic actions at the corporate level. Using the City’s strategic plan as a framework, the report presents an overview of 2018’s major projects and initiatives as well as a financial picture of the City and how resources are being used.

Financially, the annual report also provides an open and transparent look at the City’s net worth, total revenue, expenses and reserves. The 2018 report features financial statement analysis, the audited 2018 consolidated statements for the City and a five year statistical review.


2018 Highlights

·         Official launch of the Ambassador Team who responded to 1,650 clean up calls with an average response time of 28 minutes

·         Opening of Fire Station 6 (LEED Silver facility), adding 20 new firefighters and one new truck. This is the City’s first new fire station in 35 years.

·         Implementation of the Diversity, Accessibility and Inclusion Action Plan

·         Grand opening of award-winning Old Post Office with a launch party attended by more than 5,000 people

·         Opening of the Pedestrian Bridge with more than 201,000 crossings in 2018

·         Land sales at Boxwood Business Campus totalled 7.9 million.

·         INVESTCambridge moved to Grand Innovations and helped support 148 new businesses.

·         206 trees and 50,000 flowers planted alongside work with Cambridge City Green and 35 local groups to improve the environment

·         Playground replacements at Vardon, Duncan Ferguson and Hespelerview parks along with improvements to the BMX Bike Park at Riverside Park

·         18,336 recreational activity registrations, 5,383 memberships issued, over 32,867 hours of facility time booked, and 1,413,758 recreation participant hours

·         33 days of filming generating an economic impact of over $2.3 million

·         23 new business opened in the Galt, Preston and Hespeler cores

·         Completion of Phase 1 of the smart water meter replacement project

The full report can be found at the link below:

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