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Bryan May: Canadians Have An Important Choice To Make In This Election

What Kind Of Country Do We Want?

Vote For Cambridge, Vote For Canada

Canadians have an important choice to make. Do we want to keep moving forward, and build on the progress we've made, or do we want to go backwards to the politics of the Harper years? That’s the question that voters have to answer - that’s the question that keeps me fighting for Cambridge.

We Can't Afford Another Ford

I love this community and I love this country. Since our government was elected we’ve seen huge levels of investment, and I don’t want to see that threatened by a Conservative government. Last year, we elected a conservative in Ontario, and Doug Ford has been cutting programs and services ever since. We can’t let the Conservatives do that to Canada.

I’m proud of the results that we’ve produced these last four years. More than 1,000,000 jobs have been created, and poverty has been reduced by 20%. We can’t afford to lose this progress.

But there’s always more work to do, and that’s why I’ll keep fighting for our community.  We are undertaking aggressive plans to benefit our environment, the economy, and poverty reduction. We need to invest in Canada -- and invest in Canadian families -- not take away the programs and services that we’ve worked to create.

Cambridge is my home. It’s where I’ve chosen to raise my two children, and it’s where I’ve spent my career working to help people.

Moving Forward To Build A Stronger Canada Together

I’m going to keep working to improve the lives of the people that call Cambridge home. On October 21st, vote for progress and choose a representative that’s going to keep fighting for you. Choose Forward. Vote for Cambridge, vote for Canada, vote for me, Bryan May.

Thanks for your Confidence & Support



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