A Message To My Community By Councillor Frank Monteiro

Frank Monteiro Won't Be Forgotten In Cambridge

If This Doesn't Make You Cry Nothing Will ... A Message to the community from Councillor Frank Monteiro

This evening, Councillor Mike Mann addressed Cambridge City Council to read out a message from the late Councillor Frank Monteiro to the community.

Earlier this morning, Councillor Monteiro passed away at Cambridge Memorial Hospital surrounded by family. He will be deeply missed.

In His Own Words...

Cambridge is a beautiful city. It has been my home since I moved here with my family when I was a 13-year-old immigrant from Santa Maria in the Azores.

It is here that I got the opportunity to serve as the first Portuguese police officer in Ontario and then, 35 years later, as the first Portuguese City Councillor.

I have represented Ward 7 for the past three terms and I have watched our community mature and become a dynamic part of the Region of Waterloo.

For me, coming to City Hall each day, working with my constituents on various issues and to stand up for the “little guy” at the Council table has been a great privilege. It has gifted me with a great sense of accomplishment.

I am so very proud of what we have been able to achieve together and I am proud that we live in one of the safest, most fiscally responsible communities in south-western Ontario. Cambridge is blessed with beautiful heritage buildings, the Grand and Speed Rivers and, of course, residents who truly value community.

Although we have accomplished so much, there is still work to be done. I believe Cambridge needs to use its resources already at hand to build a park area downtown to promote outdoor skating in winter and active participation in the summer.

We need to look to the entrance of our City and welcome visitors with the three fountains in good working order to proclaim Cambridge as a special place.

As well, we need to continue the work on improving our gorgeous trail systems.

I have been in the hospital for a while. This time has given me the chance to think and reflect.

I have always taken the responsibility of working for the people of Cambridge seriously and, as you all know, I don’t back down from a fight. I have always spoken my mind even when it got me in trouble.

This time, I am in a fight that I know I can’t win. But I have had a great ride. Believe me when I say I appreciate all that life and this city has given me.

And my final request to the community is to take some time to think about all the reasons why Cambridge is such a wonderful city.  This is a place that is the envy of other communities. I encourage you to be ambassadors of our home.  Embrace your surroundings. There is not enough time for negativity. It’s not worth it, friends.

I want to thank everyone for their friendship, support and encouragement. I have been thinking a great deal about my police colleagues, my Portuguese community and all the incredible staff at Cambridge City Hall.  I admit that I will truly miss being in the middle of all the heated debates at City Council (many started by yours truly).

My family and friends have always been my number one fans and they have been by my side since my diagnosis. The staff at Cambridge Memorial Hospital is second to none.

To everyone, I give you my blessings, my love, and my heartfelt thanks for this wonderful journey.

- Frank Monteiro

Bless You Frank!!!

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