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Remembering Privates Braun Woodfield, Garrett Chidley And The Other Casualties Of War

Remembering And Honouring The Dead And the Living

On November 24th 2019, Private Braun Woodfield will have been remembered by family, friends and loved ones for 14 years already. It really does seem like yesterday...but the days don't matter anymore.  Braun would have been 38 years old today but he will be remembered as the 24 year old who went off to Afghanistan to defend freedom and to give his life, the only one he had, in exchange for the honour to serve.

He may have visited the Tim Hortons in Kandahar the morning he died. Timmy's was  made available to service people and was a simple reminder of home in a war torn land. But one thing for sure, Braun knew why he was there and he took his role seriously.

Braun's name is inscribed on the monument at Queen's Square, along with Garrett William Chidley (21 years old) born in Cambridge, Ontario...also loved and eternally missed. Braun has family in Cambridge. They were both killed in the line of duty never to be seen again.

Combat Role For Canada

When Canada went from a peace keeping presence to a combat role, things changed. It was no longer someone else's war... it was our war too. We took ownership and hoped like hell we were there for the right reasons. That is really all we can do as citizens. So on November 11th each year, the very least we can do is to assemble, pause, reflect and show our respect for those among us who have given their lives or who have become forever changed by the uncertainty and ravages of war.

It was good to see parents and children standing silently in the falling snow to pay their respect.

Each year there are fewer and fewer veterans from WWII. It was good to see these men and women who really came to the aid of the FREEDOM  we now enjoy...Thank you for remembering...thank you for not forgetting.

View the Fallen Canadians from Afghanistan at the link below story



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