When It Rains, It Pours: Flood At Lisaard House Hospice Forces Evacuation

Lisaard House Hospice Evacuated

Flood At Lisaard House Hospice Forces Evacuation

Sprinkler system failure causes flood, significant water damage

Cambridge Ont - A failure in the fire sprinkler system at Lisaard House early Saturday morning (March 21) forced the evacuation of residents and staff from the facility. This system failure caused a flood in the kitchen and entrance way, and water damage to the structure is extensive.

The 6-bedroom charitable residential hospice, which is celebrating its 20th year of operation this year, provides residential-based care to people in the last stages of their lives.

Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice Executive Director, Andrea Binkle, says staff responded quickly to the emergency and all residents were transferred to Innisfree House and staff were notified of the change.  Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, the facilities were not at full capacity at the time. “In the coming weeks the Board of Directors and leadership team at Lisaard and Innisfree Hospice will determine how to move forward from this devastating situation.”

The Waterloo Wellington LHIN (Local Health Integration Network) also helped with logistics.

All staff and volunteers have been notified that the hospice’s operations have been moved to Innisfree House. “As staff are trying to ensure the safety of residents and families in this uncertain environment, they must now navigate through another change.  The staff continue to amaze me – they are resilient and caring and will continue to provide compassionate care despite this additional challenge”, Binkle said.

Binkle added, “Insurance and restoration crews are still on site assessing the extent of the damage. Our goal is to reopen Lisaard House as soon as possible. This situation is still in a stage where things are happening minute by minute.”

She thanked staff, family members and emergency responders for their efforts during the evacuation that went as smoothly as possible given the nature of the system failure.

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